Buffalo Homicides

The first document posted is a table that presents all homicides that occurred in Buffalo from 1902 to 1936.

Buffalo Homicides: 1902-1936 


  1. Mr. McLaughlin-I am an amateur historian and tour guide in Buffalo, NY. I’ve been trying to gather more original documents regarding the waterfront and Canal District. Do you have any advice on how to obtain police records from Buffalo’s early days?
    Your database of homicides is well organized and detailed. Thank you for making this information available.

    • Joel:

      If I did not get back to you, I am sorry. I thought I had cancelled my comments section and that nobody could leave a message. It is probable that the police have destroyed their earlier records. Cynthia Van Ness at the Buffalo History Museum may be of help. I am glad you like the chart.

  2. Hello ~

    I am a descendant of one of the inmates in your Buffalo Homicides document (261AS Frederick K. Miner/Minor). I have been unable to locate much official information on the crime, arrest, and trial. I do, however, have a lengthy autobiography written by Minor. I am trying to confirm or disprove his version of events. I’m especially interested in learning why he didn’t serve time after the trial despite having admitted his guilt. From reading your summary in the PDF it is clear to me that you have sources I do not yet have. Do you have suggestions for gathering more details and a list of your sources?

    Thank you ~
    Erin Hickey

    • Erin:

      I am sorry I have not replied to you. I thought my comments section was no longer open for use and just by accident found out it is still working. Cynthia Van Ness at the Buffalo History Museum is going to print and catalogue my chart. She may be able to help you.

      One possibility is that he was found insane at the time he committed the crime and not help culpable.

      By coincidence, I wrote a book on a serial murderer, J. Frank Hickey, who was tried in Buffalo.

  3. Greetings!

    We would like permission to print out your list of Buffalo homicides, catalog it, and add it to our collection. It would be a big help to our researchers.

    Warmest regards,

    Cynthia M. Van Ness, MLS
    Director of Library & Archives
    Research Library
    Buffalo History Museum
    1 Museum Court
    Buffalo, NY 14216

    • Hopefully, I sent you an e-mail earlier today. Just in case it didn’t get to you, I am glad you are going to catalogue my chart.

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