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Homicide Research is an academic website that provides immediate access to unpublished studies. The homicides presented occurred in the United States and will include historical research including serial murder. The material is presented to share findings with anyone who has an interest.

Separate pages will be constructed for major themes. Each page will include context background and an instant link to the manuscript. The first that will be shared is a study on homicides in Savannah. Initially, when this site is completed, it will contain manuscripts on serial murders where African-Americans are victims (The Atlanta Ripper and the Strange Case of Clementine Barnabet), and Buffalo homicides.

This website began on January 1, 2013 and items will be continually added. For each of the documents, I will include the date they were added. If they are revised, I will amend the date.

Excerpts of some of the material has been shared at meetings of the Homicide Research Working Group. I would suggest anyone interested in homicides to consider joining the Homicide Research Working Group.


  1. Add me to your list. I remember the Savannah Police project .

  2. Great idea and excellent texts. Be careful or you may end up important and famous for something other than the top 50 OS..

  3. Congratulations on your new website Vance! And thank you for sharing your data and interesting work in this area.

  4. Congratulations Vance! interesting content and appropriate www address – without unnecessary full stop 😉

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